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Topic- How much tip does your server deserve Purpose- The purpose of my speech is to educate people on how much us servers go through, and by the end of the listeners should know what is the deserved tip. Attention-Getter- I will wear my work uniform. Introduction- I am going to tell everyone how many pennies I make hourly. Statement of Need- I believe this topic is extremely important because it seems like the public does not understand what their sever goes through on a daily basis, leading to a less than satisfying tip. Or maybe people just do not know the few rules of tipping. Or maybe they think we get paid minimum wage. I am going to clear it all up so we can all be a better tipper. Core (Thesis)Statement- Servers deserve great tips for several reasons. Preview- I will begin with talking about my hourly wage. I will then go into talking about what I do for people and those reasons are why I deserve a 20% tip. I will let you know servers are paid insufficiently and it is up the tipper to make up for it. After that I will go into what tip share really is. Then lastly I will let you know what percentage to leave your server. Body- My Hourly Wage * 2.83 an hour * Why I deserve more * The tipper should make sure the make up for your hourly wage Tip Share * Who I share it with * Why I share my tips * How much of my tips I share What Should You Leave Your Server * 20% of the bill * How much I really leave with * How to deal with the “bad” server * I show and example of a bill and how much to leave Review- I share with you today , how much I make hourly, why us servers deserve a descent tip, tip share, and how much percentage a decent tip would be.

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