Tip of Science of Memory Essay

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Michelle R. Swanson Writing Assignment I Psychology 101-02A Spring 2014 March 19, 2014 Instructor: Shadia Ibrahim Michelle R. Swanson March 19, 2014 Psych 101-02A Shadia Ibrahim Tips from Science of Memory Throughout life we are face with many challenges, the most essential ones are how much information we can remember, how much information we retained, and are we capable of recalling information. This is where memorization plays a big part in our life. However, we ask ourselves what is memory? It is the ability to store and retrieve information over time. Chapter 6 covers three essential processes which are encoding, storage and retrieval. These three are essential when you are preparing for an examination. Section 6 of the chapter covers how to memorize scientifically which is organizing, encoding, rehearsing, and retrieving. This strategy will help you to learn effectively and faster. For the following reason, you will be able to pay attention with minimal distraction, ability to memorize and comprehend material, and improvement in note taking skills. Having skills to organize, encode, rehearse and retrieve information is a powerful way to help many people succeed in school, on their jobs, and in life. Autobiographical -The remuneration in mastering memory technique is retaining life memories, such as information about you, emotional memory, and event. As people age physical changes occur in the brain, such as a decline in memory loss. With this in mind, we must perpetually engage the brain in learning activities, such as chess, number game, word puzzle, or attending some type of classes. For the reason that studies have proven, people who stay intellectually involved throughout life have maintained a mental acuity. My authoritative website is Clinton Community College, web page Studying for better
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