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Old Dominion University Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Department “Root Cause Analysis and Operational Test Improvement of the Tactical Information Network System” ENMA 605 Project Proposal Executive Summary The purpose of this project is to perform a root cause analysis of the previous failed attempts at performing operational testing of the Tactical Information Network System (TINS) by the Operational Test and Evaluation Force on several occasions. TINS has been under development for several years and is reported to have successfully passed several increments of developmental testing. TINS provides network connectivity for operational and tactical information transfer for U.S. and Coalition forces. Data such as tactical messaging, chat, and e-mail with file attachments can be exchanged by participating TINS units via the High Frequency (HF) and/or Ultrahigh Frequency (UHF) using installed radios and encryption. The system has been installed on several units throughout the fleet to support Operational Assessments (OA) prior to decision milestones in order to identify risks to successful completion of Initial Operational Test and Evaluation (IOT&E). The TINS Program Office and OPTEVFOR have conducted previous developmental, integrated, and operational testing but have been unsuccessful recently completing the Operational Test in support of the Full Deployment Decision. The generic approach will be accomplished in four steps: First, technical documentation and previous reports will be reviewed to determine what risks were identified during development. Second, the OPTEVFOR test plan will be reviewed to determine if it was executable. Third, operators and testers will be interviewed to determine their knowledge and eye witness accounts of system performance. Finally, a determination will be made as to the root cause

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