Tingling Tongue Essay

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Jobs of the Future Editorial: Jobs are important to our society, and without people to do the jobs; Canada will become a filthy mess of a country. If our country doesn’t act now, Canada’s cities and towns will fall apart with no one educated enough to do electrical work, construction, health and medical care. Without these crucial things Canada will become chaotic with buildings in disrepair, no electricity, no doctors and hospitals. If we are being educated to do things that we aren’t likely to do it was a waste of our time. Only a few people will actually get the jobs they were going for and were educated in. If we are all being educated to become surgeons, not all of us can be surgeons because who would do the other jobs. Being exposed to many job/career possibilities would help our young adults entering the workforce because they can do multiple jobs which will lead to more opportunities than just preparing for their choice career, which they might not do. As the article states, there was a shortage of teachers so more were trained to become teachers but there are no longer many opportunities to become an educator so to pursue another one of their choice careers they must again go to university/college to re train. Being taught practical trades in secondary school is a great idea because these trades can lead to jobs that are needed such as carpenters and machinists. This again leads to more career choices for the people entering the

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