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Ms. Harris Tina Turner whose real name is Anna Mae Bullock was born November 26, 1939 in Brownsville, Tennessee and raised in the small town of Nutbush. She is part Navajo and part Cherokee. Her parents were Floyd and Zelma Bullock. They were both sharecroppers, they split up and left their kids with their grandmother. She was then raised by her sister, grandmother, and cousins. While in high school Anna Mae participated in sports such as basketball and cheerleading. When her grandmother died in the early 1950’s Anna Mae who was now 16 then relocated in St. Louis, Missouri to live with her mother and sister. Once in St. Louis she quickly immersed herself in the R&B scene, spending the majority of her time in club Manhattan. There is where she became familiar with Ike Turners band The Kings of Rhythm. When she first asked to sing with them she was told no. It wasn’t until a performance of theirs, in 1956, that Anna Mae was called on stage to sing. She shone with a natural talent for performing, which caught Ike's eye. Then is when her dreams of becoming a nurse were being overshadowed by her new found love for music and performing. During so she was in a relationship with the saxophonist of the group, Raymond Hill with whom she had a son in 1958. Anna Mae finally got her big chance in 1960 when another singer didn’t show up for a recording session; Anna Mae sang the lead on the track “A Fool in Love”. When asked to do the vocals, Ike had no intentions on keeping them and was going to replace them. Ike then changed his mind when he heard her on the track. At that very moment is when he knew he wanted Anna Mae to be his, and that he got. HE then changed her name to Tina Turner, and when the song became a big success he mad e her full time band member. He knew Anna Mae now known as Tina Turner would be his big break to international stardom. Two years later the

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