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Bre Ean Tina Case Study Answers 6/13/2014 NOW, Answer these questions about Tina for the assignment: Part 1: Diagnosis 1. Refer to the DSM-V checklists in your textbook for the following three diagnostic categories: * Generalized Anxiety Disorder – Please list ALL of the diagnostic criteria for this disorder. * GAD is characterized by someone who experiences an overabundance of anxiety and who worries about almost anything and/or everything for at least 6 months (ADAA, 2014). * This anxiety and worry are associated with at least three of the following symptoms: * Restlessness or feeling on edge, * Tiring easily, * Difficulty concentrating, * Muscle tension * Problems sleeping * Irritability * People find it difficult to control the worry and the worry is not confined to one specific thing. * There is distress in aspects of life such as social and occupational functioning. * Phobia – Please list ALL diagnostic criteria for this disorder? * Phobia is characterized by persistent and unreasonable fear of an object, activity, and/or situation. * When encountering or even thinking about these specific objects, activities, or situations fear immediately presents itself and an immediate anxiety response is provoked. * People who are suffering from phobias can often realize that their fear is irrational but thinking about it causes extreme anxiety. * People with phobias usually have a feeling of distress that is so intense that it interferes with life by disrupting daily routines, limiting work efficiency, reducing self-esteem, and placing a strain on relationships with friends, family, coworkers, and spouses. * Symptoms must last at least 6 months for people under 18. * Panic disorder - with and without agoraphobia – please

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