Tim's Brain Case Study

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1. Is there any evidence to suggest which hemisphere of Tim’s brain suffered damage due to stroke? It’s a known fact that left part of the brain controls the functioning of right part of the body and vice versa therefore; left hemisphere of Tim’s brain might be suffering from damage. 2. What imaging technology would best reveal the location and extent of damage to Tim’s brain produced by his stroke, and why? Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRImay) prove to be helpful here as; it is a modern, noninvasive diagnostic tool which is able to provide a high level of anatomic details so that, stroke can be located and the extent of damage could be determined. MRI is specifically preferred because of its sensitivity as; the images produced by it can…show more content…
In fact, females are expected to perform several family responsibilities as defined above and sometimes it appears that there is no option for them but because of such high expectations and work load, females especially who are 40 plus often become the victim of depression. It might occur because of reduction in their physical power with the passage of time as well as due to changes introduced via menopause condition. Whatever is the reason but, after this entire situation is concerning for society as; it might destroy the whole societal structure (Bartley et al., 1992). 2-what would be your best guess as to jean sweet land’s parenting style, and why do you think so? In my opinion, Jean tries to provide best care to her children and expects negligibly. She takes care about their physical need as; nutrition, clothes as well as intellectual needs and rarely impose any discipline over them. Therefore; the parenting style adopted by Jean can be considered ‘Permissive one’ (Arber, 1997). 3-describe the stage of social development that jean sweet land’s adolescent children are most likely experiencing in what ways might their own development be influencing

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