Timothy O'sullivan A Harvest Of Death Analysis

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Photos / Paintings / Elements of Design Creator/Artist: O'Sullivan, Timothy H. Title: A Harvest of Death, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Date Made: July, 1863 Culture/Nationality: American Period: 19th Century Place Made: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, United States The piece above stood out to me initially because of the subject matter. It is an image I have seen before when learning about the America Civil War. The black and white photograph is capturing the dead soldiers lying on a field after the Battle at Gettysburg in 1863. The photographer, Timothy H. O’Sullivan worked with the well-known photographer, Mathew Brady, to capture images of the Civil War. The reason why I was drawn to this particular photograph, however, is…show more content…
It is similar however due to the very neutral colors being used in the painting. There is a lot of while and black and then brown hues, red hues, some yellow hues and some green/blue hues, however they are all very dark in value and it gives a black and white feel to the painting. Another similarity is the perspective. The perspective in the photograph is very similar to that of the painting, where you have the dead men in the foreground and the horizon in the background both having similar vanishing points and points of view. Another similarity is value of the sky and the foreground. Although the sky in the photograph is white, the photograph fades, becoming lighter as it trails off into the distance. The painting has a very dark sky, but like the photograph, the color gets lighter as the painting gets farther into the…show more content…
The emphasis also on space is wonderful, the photograph making you feel like you are on a middle floor where you are able to look both up and down the interior of the building and the painting making you feel as though you could fall into an endless spiraling tunnel. The color is also similar in the two pieces, they both are yellow, and although the painting has red and blue in it, the brightness of the yellow catches my eye more, making it seem more yellow than red or

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