times are changing Essay

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The times are changing. Technology is constantly evolving from one breakthrough to the next. From rockets that fly people to the uncharted vastness of space to the pencil-thin i-phones in most pockets to a never ending series of networks that links every computer together, known as the internet, technology is often presented to us as an unstoppable force that will make our lives simpler. But when does technology become too much, or rather can we have too much technology? There are plenty of reasons that we should cut down on technological advances. From simply observation I found that technology is destroying nature, human behavior, and it’s a menace to itself. You have to credit the founding fathers of this nation for all their achievements using their minds and harsh but rewarding labor. Most people back then were born in log cabin made using nature and all its wonderful gifts. Today, however, technology is produced at the expanse of nature creating many of the problems we face. Habitats are destroyed, forests get cut down, oil is made into plastics and burned into the air. It not only does it kill wildlife; it consumes large amounts of energy and creates pollution that is slowly destroying the ozone, according to former vice-president Al Gore. Society back in the times of our forefathers was much more sociable than today. Teens today are pent up in their rooms listening to their i-pods, or playing video games, watching TV, and who could forget texting. When the first phone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell, he had the idea of being able to communicate with anyone from coast to coast. He had a second idea that people would talk more. He got it right up until the mobile phone with a keypad was invented. The language of text messaging has, as my old French teacher would say, slaughtered whatever language it is being used in. Constantly playing video games and
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