Timeline of the Early Cold War

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Cold War Cold War Lesson Plan Central Historical Question: Who was primarily responsible for the Cold War: The United States or the Soviet Union? Materials: • Cold War Powerpoint • Copies of Cold War Timeline • Copies of Cold War Documents A - D • Copies of Guiding Questi ons Plan of Instruction: 1. Do Now: What do you remember about the Cold War from 10 th grade history? Elicit student answers IMPORTANT TO REVIEW: • Differences between Communism and Capitalism. • US and Soviet Union were on the same side in WWII. • Aft er WWII, Europe was in ruins and former colonial empires were crumbling. This set the scene for increased competition between the two superpowers, the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. • The Soviet Red Army remained in Eastern Europe after the war, which led to the Sovi et Bloc. At the same time, the United States developed policies of containment – in particular, the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan. 2. Timeline and Powerpoint Lecture Hand out Cold War timeline and lead students through it using powerpoint slides to draw attention to key events: • Slide #1: The Iron Curtain Speech • Slide #2: The Truman Doctrine • Slide #3: The Marshall Plan • Slide #4: NATO and Warsaw Pact • Slide #5: Introduce question of the day: Who was primarily responsible for the Cold War - The Un ited States or the Soviet Union? Cold War Over the past decades historians have disagreed over this question. Today, we are going to look closely at some Cold War documents in order to address the question for ourselves. 3. Pass out Documents A and B along with Guiding Questions. Students read documents, answer questions, and record their initial hypothesis regarding the central historical question. 4. Share out answers and discuss. 5. Pass out documents C and D. Students read documents, answer questions, an d record
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