Timeline- e. e. Cummings Essay

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e.e cummings Breonna Robinson #13 In 1957, two thousand people came to University of Michigan to hear him speak. Another thousand were waited outside Cummings had a brief marriage to Anne Barton, which ended in 1932 Elmi (“I am” in Greek) was released in 1931, although it wasn’t very popular Cummings wrote XLI Poems in 1925 1919, Cumming wrote Tulips and Chimney Within the same year as his divorce to Barton, Cummings met Marion Morehouse, an actress and model. They were married (1932) He married Thayer in 1924, but they were later divorced that same year. Cummings contemplates suicide In either May or June 1919, Thayer was pregnant with Cummings child. She divorced ex-husband in 1921 Cummings died on September 3, 1962 in New Hampshire. The cause was a brain hemorrhage Cummings made a living off of speaking to colleges and he became very well known Cummings wrote The Enormous Room, in 1922 while in Normandy February 1918, he was returned back to New York December 19, 1917, he was released from prison in Normandy In 1917, Cummings was arrested for his association with William Slater Brown in Normandy. Cummings didn’t take it as a bad thing, rather a way to study more in the arts 1916, Cummings spent 3 months at home, working on his art and poems, incorporating street language, accents, and dialect which most authors backed away from 1911, age 16, went to Harvard, and graduated in 1915 In spring of 1918, Cummings had fallen in love with Elaine Thayer, who was the wife of his friend. He wrote many love poems for her, including “Puella Mae” (My Girl) In 1904 at the age of nine, Cummings was put into seventh grade because of his reading level Edward Estin Cummings born October 14, 1894 at 104 Irving St. in Cambridge, Massachusetts 1907, age 12, Cummings went to the college prep school, Cambridge Latin School 1913 began creative

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