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Table of Contents Page 3 Introduction Page 4-5 & 10 Timeline Table and Conclusion Page 6-10 Activities and Handouts Introduction Our plan is to initiate a diversity training program. In our plan we will conduct focus groups and conduct online surveys to gather input about the current environment of our organization and what behaviors need to change. (See Table 1) The topics include managing change, effective communication, cultural awareness, dealing with gender issues and conflict resolution. The objectives and goals of our program will be, ways to minimize miscommunication and misinterpretation on the job, ways employees can recognize and value differences in age, experience, social customs, sense of time and demeanor. Achieving these types of objectives will enable our office to manage a culturally diverse and multi-generational workforce and resolve minor incidents before they become bigger problems. Design our workshop. Prepare presentation materials to instruct participants about definitions and concepts associated with diversity. Intersperse long periods of instruction with interactive activities such as ice breakers, role-playing exercises and case studies. The content will review federal laws on preventing discrimination. Our resources will come from The Office of Civil Rights website which provides resources promoting civil rights, equal opportunity programs and affirmative employment functions. Our management team will create a quiz to test employees on their knowledge of diversity topics. Completing these quizzes helps people recognize their own biases and overcome them to help enable a more productive work environment for all. We will review case studies and discuss common dilemmas. We will visit the Diversity Central website which publishes typical workplace situations and allows users to input a solution. The website publishes

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