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Phase 1 Timeline: Secure Agreement with Vendors. This phase should take three months to complete. This phase includes four steps to complete in order to complete the phase. Step 1: Identify problem in company’s information system. Time allotted three weeks. Step 2: Research vendors and products that could solve the identified problem with the information system. Time required four weeks. Step 3: Enter into negotiations with chosen vender over contract specific details. Time allotted one week. Step 4: Finalize contract details and have signed and approved by company and vendor. Time required one week. Phase 2 Timeline: Order/Install Equipment. This phase will see the purchase, delivery, and installation of software and hardware necessary for the implementation of the new information system. Time for this phase is two months and will require three steps to complete. Step 1: Purchase all necessary software and hardware components for the upgrade of the information system. Time for this step is one week. Step 2: Await delivery of components and begin training program to familiarize employees with new system. Time two weeks for step. Step 3: Install software and components for new information system and wrap up training of employees. Total time four weeks. Phase 3 Timeline: Testing all components of the new information system and the software associated with it to ensure proper installation and operation. This phase has three steps to it and requires two months to complete. Step 1: Hardware testing to include all connections and physical components of the system. This is a week long project that runs concurrent with other steps of the phase. Step 2: Software testing to include software installed on hardware components and system stability. This process will be conducted off and on during

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