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Timeless Tact Helps Sustain a Literary Traveller Essay

  • Submitted by: cindyduong
  • on October 14, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Timeless Tact Helps Sustain a Literary Traveller" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

“Timeless Tact Helps Sustain a Literary Traveller” by Geraldine Brooks explores the impact on life   on discovering the importance of accepting and acceptance in a community. This text focuses in the period where Eyam, located in Penine mountains, goes through such extent to quarantine itself from the bubonic plague.   Its key theme of belonging is inevitable throughout this text which makes it suitable for Year Twelve students to study in regards to belonging.

Brooks uses first person in this text which makes it more personal and subjective for the audience. This structure allows the audience to build a connection with the composer and understand the personal feelings she had felt during that experience. This is shown in the quote, “I had been a city person all my life: my homes have been in the dense urban tangles of Sydney, New York, Cairo and London...I was much the same in all of them.” This quote shows a bit of background of Brook's life and how relatable it is to a common person living in the city. Thus, this is a suitable text for Year 12 students as this text lets them further understand the her perspective of belonging in Eyam.

In conclusion, I would include this text in a booklet for Year 12 students studying belonging as it allows them to understand another perspective of belonging where it is important and unavoidable. Brooks portrays this through a range of literary techniques which effectively captures the main theme of belonging.

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