Time Travel Essay

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rom H. G. Wells classic novel “The Time Machine” to modern day movies like “Back to the Future” there has been a fascination with being able to travel back and forth through time. The concept of time travel has invaded our society so much that it has indirectly affected the very technology we use today. With recent advancements, physicists have opened their minds to the possibility of Time Travel. Scientists have been able to theoretically prove on paper that time travel is possible, but to physically travel through time is impossible with today’s technology. This paper will discuss the possibility of Time Travel theoretically and physically with the help of black holes, time dilation, and Einstein’s theory of relativity. Before we get into how time travel works, we must first understand that time and space play a key role in the universe and that time is measured by speed. At one point in time, it was thought that light traveled at an infinite speed, never changing, always constant. But in 1676, that all changed when a Danish astronomer named Ole Christensen Roemer made an astonishing discovery while studying the moons of Jupiter. As Roemer observed the eclipses of the moons he realized that the eclipses where not evenly spaced (Hawking and Mlodinow 26-27). This would state that the uneven spacing of the orbital movement of the moons observed by Roemer were produced by variations in the distance between the Earth and Jupiter. This meant that the further Jupiter moved away from Earth, the longer it took for light to travel to Earth. By calculating the distances between Earth and Jupiter, Roemer was able to estimate the first relatively accurate measurement of the speed of light, which was 137,000 miles per second (Davidson) . Albert Einstein was among the greatest physicists that the world had ever seen. His greatest achievement in his lifetime was his Theory of

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