Time Travel Essay

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Patchara Kitjahcharoenchai Instructor Mira Bekar Course ENGL 10600i April 15, 2010 Beyond the truth: Is time travel possible? Time travel is one of the most fascinating and controversial topics now being asked by most scientists and physicists. Unfortunately, even the scientists still have the different opinions about this question. While some of them completely believe that time travel is possible and could be achieved by human beings in the near future, other groups of scientist argue that it is totally impossible and provide lots of arguments against it. This essay would provide the best answer to answer my research question whether time travel is possible or not. In order to be easier for the readers to follow the content in this essay, I would like to categorize time travel into two types: one is traveling to the future and another type is traveling to the past. Thus, I have come up with the conclusion that both traveling to the future and to the past is theoretically possible based on laws of Physics; however, while traveling to the future is practically possible and could be achieved in the real world, traveling back in time is somewhat impossible for human to achieve. Now, I would like to divide my opponent’s view into two groups: the first group believes that the idea of traveling to the future and to the past is both theatrically and practically impossible. They usually think that time traveling is only a scientific story, which is not based on any real scientific theory, and is made into the movies or the novel for the purpose of entertainment. Unlike the first group, the other group strongly relies on the idea that both two type of time travel could be practically possible achieved by humans. According to the articles “Is time travel possible?” by Keith Mayes, these people believe that it is possible to travel back in time and have a free will to

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