Time To Reboot America By Thomas Friedman Summary

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Reading Response: Time to Reboot America By Thomas Friedman In the New York Times editorial, Time to Reboot America, Thomas Friedman explores the cause, the severity, and the solution for America’s financial crisis. To gain a deeper understanding of Friedman’s article, an in depth exploration through two different scopes is necessary. The first scope is observing the articles rhetorical context, and the second is evaluating how effective the employed arguments are. Thomas Friedman is known by many as an expert on modern business. He is a globally syndicated journalist for the New York Times, and is very involved in topics relating to the environment. Appearing in the Times’ Opinion section of the December 23, 2008 issue, Time to Reboot America, relates to the financial crisis America had fallen into in the previous months. Writing…show more content…
Friedman’s article lacks this quality of being open to self criticism; he writes in absolutes. The phrases, “we need”, and “we can’t” reveal that he is not leaving much room for change. Thirdly, “Mature reasoners argue with their audiences or readers in mind”(14). As previously observed, Time to Reboot America, is directed towards the general public, and one phrase that gives relevance to the intended audience is “we must make certain that every bailout dollar, which we’re borrowing from our kid’s future, is spent wisely”(paragraph 9). Bringing the kids into the picture conveys relevance, and peaks the interest of the targeted audience. The fourth and final criteria is “mature reasoners know their context”(14). The relevance of his concerns are very applicable with the date of publication. The country is facing extreme financial hardship, and Friedman is very aware of this in his writing. He also knows that because many Americans are feeling the reality of recession his words will not fall on deaf
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