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Time to Expand Our Views on Education Essay

  • Submitted by: heodaudinh
  • on August 7, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Truong Thi Cam Ha – 9919579
A shortage in public universities leads to many students being denied which is a problem in the educational system in Vietnam. Nguyen points out her article, “Time to expand our views on education”, published in the newspaper Thanh Nien news on January 2012, Nguyen analyzes the lack of public universities and emphasize the importance of university degrees, and presents some possible solutions to this problem. The aim of this paper is to analyze a strength and a weakness of her ideas.
In “Time to expand our views on education”, Nguyen recommends some suggestions to solve the educational problems in Vietnam. Firstly, her suggestion is based on commercialization. She explains that it should not be allowed in universities because some private universities’ cost is too high but substandard courses. Secondly, the author argues that there needs to be less emphasis on tertiary degrees and a change in the belief that university is the only way to be successful. Therefore, vocational training should be encouraged to develop industry.
Nguyen assumes that commercialization should not be allowed in university but this may not be the case. A university is compared to a company because both the two have the same purposes which give many benefits from customers in a company and students in a tertiary education. Also, some new schools which do not have many students so they desire to advertise their schools such as discount tuition fees to attract as many students as possible. For example, one of main purposes of scholarships is that advertise schools.    
The author states vocational training should be encouraged which seems reasonable because of too much value being placed on getting degrees. Getting an university degree is not the only way to succeed. Vocational training is unconcerned with theory and focuses on practical applications, so it provides students many necessary skills for careers in the future....

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