Time Management Reflection Essay

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Time Management Reflection Essay Jennifer Kittle The method of time management I found that best works for me is writing everything I need to do in my planner. I write down everything I can think of that I have to complete that day and then when I go home I prioritize them and try to complete them in order of most to least importance. This helps me keep concentration as I can give the most attention to the big assignments that are due soon. I also have a very large calendar in my room that I have hanging on my closet and at the beginning of each month I write down all the classes I have as well as extracurriculars and scheduled events I have prospected in the future. This helps me plan better in advance so I can manage my time and make plans without conflictions. I have many different groups I am a part of, the school plans a lot of events for us, especially for new students, and I make a lot of plans with people from classes and my dorm and this method helps me a lot in remembering what I have planned. I had a really hard time my freshman year of high school with time management and decided to start a program during lunch that helped with that. I learned the importance of using my planner and since then have probably overused this as I write down everything and make countless lists throughout the day. This was the greatest tool that I utilized to help with my success throughout the next four years at New

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