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Time Management Essay

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Week 6 – Time Management Skills

Time management is very important and something I definitely can improve on. After reviewing my Time Management Activity in the previous assignment, I discovered that I certainly was not utilizing my time in the most efficient manner possible.   My priorities are established by first making a list of the things that are to be done.   Then making a decision on which items are most important and arranging them in an order based on most important to least important. As items on the list are completed they are then checked off then on to the next.   It would be good to make sure the time lines and goals are realistic as well, to make sure I don’t set myself up to do more than I could do in a day.
My support group consists of my mother and my sister, my daughter even though she is only a year old is a support as well because the thought of her keeps me focused on my education.   My family knows that I am goal oriented and want to one day become a school teacher, therefore they support me fully.   My mother is currently in school herself, and so is my sister as well.   So I guess it would be fair to say we are all each other’s support system because we understand each other so well.  
Since this is an online class setting, it is understandable that sometimes problems may arise when trying to get into class or trying to submit work through the computer.   After having this happen to me before, I understand now how important it is to have a backup plan.   If my computer goes down, I am fully committed to getting my work done regardless.   There is another computer in the house that I have access to, however in the case that I was unable to use either of them I do have a backup plan.   My first backup would be to go to a public library that is near me, that is a resource that is very reliable.    
To keep track of my school assignments and dates due I try to write them on the calendar because I have two classes.   Sometimes I tend to spend more...

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