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The Time Machine was a 2002 remake of the original 1960 version of the classic novel by legendary author H.G. Wells. Simon Wells, the grandson of the author, directed the newest Time Machine casting Guy Pierce as the time traveler along with changing some of the key elements of the movie from the original novel, in order to make it much more complex and, in a way, interesting. In the movie, the time traveler, Alexander Hartdegen is an amateur professor at the prestigious Columbia University. Somewhat regarded as a genius, Alexander is a type that is very focused in his work. Too focused for such practical things such as managing the upkeep of his house, (which he requires the services of a strict housemaid to complete) or even managing his love life with the beautiful young New Yorker known only as Emma (Sienna Guillory) his newfound fiancé. Upon a walk though early 20 th century New York, Alexander and Emma are approached by a mugger and through a struggle with Emma's engagement ring, the mugger shoots and kills Emma. Meanwhile, over the course of four years, Alexander seems to spend all of his time in his laboratory writing equations in an attempt to prove his theories that Columbia seems to have dismissed. Upon a plea from his friend, David Filby (Mark Addy) to back down on his theories and studies to keep quiet and a more complacent professor, Alexander shrugs off Mark and tests his newly built time machine by immediately doing what he set out to do to begin with, to go and prevent the death of his love, Emma. When he arrives exactly four years in the past, he seeks out Emma and makes it a point to avoid the park this time, but instead attempt to relive that day perfectly. He asks for her hand in marriage right there in the street and goes off to a store to get her flowers. Then, upon purchase he sees Emma get hit by a reckless automobile. Alexander,

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