Time Is My Best Friend Essay

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“Time is My Best Friend” Going to school while having job makes spending time with you family impossible. All three categories require a great amount of attention. If you work a full time or even part time job it can be hard to make time for studies, and even to have time to have fun with your family and friends. I wonder, how do you balance the three? The magic word is time management. Time management can make a busy stressful situation into a vey comfort routine. When your full time student you have to at least have 12-credit class. School requires a lot of studying and attention. For example, you might have a big test in Biology, while you have to read 50pgs of your lesson and write detailed notes in English, on top of all that you might have 20 rigorous problems to solve for Math. How would you be able to complete your work to the best of your ability, while working 20-40 hours a day, and have time for your loved one? I believe the answer is called time management. If you plan your time accordingly you will have no problem what so every balancing these three important areas in your life. If you designate certain time to each area and you stick to that schedule you should be fine once you find the routine that fits you. First, you should put school first because that is the number one priority in your life, to better yourself. Second, your family should come next because with out family and friends you will not have mental strength and motivation to keep you on the right track. Third, you want to work as many hours as you can without messing up time for school and time for your family. If you feel like you need a break you can always ask your boss at work that you need flexible hours because you need to more time for school sometimes or even you can get a job that doesn’t require a lot so you can do school work while your at work. For instance, you

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