Time Control Essay

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Time is short that we should manage it in an efficient way. Many students always complain that they don’t have enough time to finish their work, they may blame on their teachers for giving them a short time to finish it, they blame there are a lot of work that have to finish in the same time, they blame on their friends for always disturb them. People always have many excuses to release their guilt. However, they give false reasons that they cannot finish their work on time because they always begin their work too late and spend too much time on the other things instead of their work. To solve this problem, people should have a proper way to manage their time. Firstly, people should set a time-table with their work. For example, before we have examination, we can start to think about how to spend our time. We can follow the examination date of the subject to determine the sequence of our studies. Also, we should start our plan a month before the exam so we may have enough time to do revision. Once we have a schedule, we must try our best to follow it. Secondly, we should drop notes while we are studying. We can make a mind map or a list in order to help us to do revision more clearly. In the notes, we should use our own words to help ourselves to memorize it. Moreover, we should drop down the key words or ideas of the paragraph rather than write the whole sentences of it, this can make the notes more tidy and easy to read. Before the examination starts, we can take out the notes to study the main idea of the chapters quickly to recall our memories. This step can help us to save a lot of time on turn over our text book. Last but not least, we should do more practices. Practice makes perfect. While we are doing practices, we may find that there are some questions that we don’t know how to answer it. Practices help us to figure out the weak point of our studies.
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