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OUTLINE Thesis statement : There are several ways of managing stress among the University students such as managing time effectively, eat healthy food, exercise and get enough sleep. Body (i) As a University student, we should know how to manage our time effectively. * Plan our time wisely ~ make a planner or to-do list * Make time for our self ~ include at least an hour for our self to breathe each day so that you won’t feel too crowded with your work. ~spend time with our family, friends or even pets. Do something that can make us smile or laugh as laugh is the best medicine. ~ go for therapy that can really spoil our body after a hard work. * Plan a head ~prevent our self from getting the stress of finishing our work at the eleventh hour. (ii) Eat healthy food. * Avoid food in high fat, sugar, and sodium. ~ it can reduce your energy for the day. * Do not skip your meals. ~ it will lower your energy level. ~ it will make you loss focus. (iii) Exercise * Refresh your body ~ it helps the flow of our blood circulation system in our body so we will feel more energetic. ~ release endorphins ~ give you a natural high. * Take deep breathe ~ it is the easiest way to relax. It calms our heart and mind as we inhale enough oxygen. ~ it helps to clear up some things that are clouding in your mind. (iv) Get enough sleep. * It is essential to make our body recover from daily stress. * We should at least get 6 to 8 hours of sleep per day. * It helps our body and mind to forget every stress for the day before and wake up for a new day ahead. Conclusion In conclusion, there are many define ways of managing our stress such as managing time effectively, eat healthy food, exercise and get enough sleep but the rest of the act is all up to our self. By: Muhammad Afiq Hafizi bin Rosli (2010869976)

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