Timberjack Corp Case Essay

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MEMORANDUM TO: Mikko Rysaa, President of Timberjack Corp. FROM: DATE: February, 22th, 2013 SUBJECT: Recommendations for Timberjack Corp.’s software selection process Purpose Timberjack Corp.’s president, Mr. Mikko Rysaa wanted me to critique your company’s software selection process and give some recommendation. My conclusion is your company’s work was done some point well, but still had some weakness that should be improved. This document includes relevant background information, discussion about strengths and weakness for your process and my recommendation for the improvement. Background In the past, your company used different software systems in your two service locations, Atlanta, US and Marsta, Sweden. Recently, you decided to select one new system to run the parts business in both Atlanta and Marsta with several reasons: 1) Marsta met the instability of its exist systems which had led to frequent system failures and then presented unreliable data to users; 2) Atlanta’s exist systems would no longer be supported by HP; 3) integrated system implemented worldwide which compliance with your company’s global software strategy would be beneficial to your company. Strengths for your software selection process For the RFP part, you had a well scheduled and organized sessions which included initial meeting, review procedures, consult Coopers & Lybrand and prepare minutes for each session. You also determined and listed all requirements that you need. In your final RFP, you prepared sufficient information to your potential vendors. For the vendor selection part, you focused more concentrate after the assessment of strengths and weakness for the top six vendors and quick elimination. And you made several times of vendor visits for better understanding that really necessary and helpful for your final decision. Your staff Bahar had already decided

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