Tim Wise Speech

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Last week I went to see Tim Wise speak in the Russell Union. Before this event took place, I had no idea who Tim Wise was. What I found out was that he is an incredible person who has devoted his life to challenging racism and race issues in our American society. During his speech he started by telling us a very intriguing story about his time spent in a house with nine other people right after college. He told us that it was a brilliant idea at the time because he was only paying around 100 dollars of rent a month. He quickly realized though, this was a horrible idea. One of his roommates made a pot of gumbo and left it on the stove for a few days. It started to stink and Wise began to get irritated because his roommate was not cleaning up his mess. Wise had plenty of opportunities to clean up the mess himself, but he avoided it because he did not make the mess. He then related that to the issue of racism. He said that people today are irritated with racism but since they did not make the mess, they do not feel like they should clean it up. Wise has made it his life goal to help clean up racial issues and persuade others to help as well. I have always found it very difficult to talk about racial issues with people. The first reason is because I grew up in a community that was majority white and I went to school with all white people. I never saw racism as a big problem in my community so I never talked about it. Another reason why I find it difficult to talk about it is because I am afraid that I might say things that could be taken the wrong way by people of a different race. Wise brought that up in his speech and said that not to be afraid because racism has to be talked about in order to make it go away. He told us that in 30 years the United States will be 50 percent white and 50 percent will be comprised of other racial backgrounds. White people will be
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