Tim Holt's Argument For The Existence Of God

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When it comes to god many atheist philosophers always bring up with the argument, if there is a god and he is omnipotent, omniscient, and all good, then why is there evil in this world? "Christianity claims both that God created the world and that he sustains it. Christianity claims that God knows all things and is capable of all feats. Christianity claims that God is perfectly good, and wants only the best for his Creation."1 says Tim Holt an american philosopher. According to this statement made about christianity it does not state anything about the evil, and that God almost plans evil when he created earth. But if that whole statement is true, I do not understand why god would allow evil to even be alive and strong since the beginning of creation. "If God exists, then God is omnipotent, omniscient, and morally perfect. If God is omnipotent, then God has the power to eliminate all evil. If God is omniscient, then God knows when evil exists. If God is morally perfect, then God has the desire to eliminate all evil. Evil…show more content…
There are many reasons why I could see God allowing Evil in this world, but I believe that there is Evil because he expects good things to come out of it. Such as Hurricane Katrina, although tragedy struck and affected millions of people, America came together and helped the victims of this evil doing. When occurrences such as that happens there are a lot of bad things that happen, but it could also bring out the bad in a human by having him reach out and help, a thing that him/her would not have considered doing at any points of there life. When Plato states that God does not exist, which I can fully understand, I just believe that all of our thoughts of God and Evil differ from just about every other single persons thoughts about
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