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Tim Burton The quiet, non sociable, shy, unhappy, weird, million dollar director Tim Burton. Good morning teacher and students. It is incredible how Tim Burton became such a success with a background like his. As a child growing up he was a quiet, unsocial boy, who never did well at school and would come home to sit in his wardrobe to draw, what his teachers described as “weird, gothic sketches”. His teachers would say he would go nowhere in life, his parents would fight continuously and he found it very difficult to make friends. Tim Burton dropped out of school when he was 15 years old. Despite all of Tim’s childhood problems, Tim has managed to incorporate them and his life values into his films, which is how he has had such a long term success as a movie director. One of Burton’s most successful films is the movie Edward Scissor hands. The movie is about a man named Edward who has scissors for hands and tries to fit into the ‘perfect society’. Right from the beginning of this movie Tim show’s his vision on life with a scene where he shows all the houses in the neighbourhood being the same pastel, bland colours and then going to Edwards large black castle that is completely different to the rest of the suburb. In this scene Tim is putting his values of feeling outcasted and different into the movie, he is showing that because of how Edwards house is different to all the other houses it is on the edge of the town and not included. Another scene that shows Tim’s values and perspectives, is a scene were Edward cuts Peggy’s hedges for her into spectacular art animals, another member of the community sees this and immediately wants the same, this continues until Edward has cut the whole suburbs hedges. Through this scene Tim is showing how society doesn't like things to change, and that if someone in society changes then everyone follows them until everyone has made

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