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De’Untre’ Griggs Griggs/1 Ms. Allen 9th Quest Lit/6 17 December 2012 Tim Burton Cinematic Techniques Essay (Embedded Assessment 2) Exotic, unique, fantastic, insane, brilliant, visionary, phenomenal, these are all words that come to mind when you see Tim Burton’s films. He has directed many movies like Alice in Wonderland, Corpse Bride, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and many other amazing films. In his films he uses cinematic techniques to emphasize and convey emotions & feelings. For instance, Tim Burton in Corpse Bride and Edward Scissor hands uses lighting and sound to establish both dull and exciting moods in both films. Tim Burton uses light in a very special way in both Corpse Bride and Edward Scissor hands. First, in Corpse Bride in the living world Burton used lots of low key lighting and the main source of light was from the moon or some light up high. This creates a really dull mood, which was really effective in the plot of the movie. Another example would be in Corpse Bride in the underworld there is a lot of high key lighting used which creates a very bright mood. Lastly, in Edward Scissor hands when Peg, the Avon lady went into Edward’s mansion and went up the stairs there was lots of low key lighting which made you think something/someone scary was going to be waiting for her at the top of those stairs. This was also very effective in the plot of the film. Griggs/2 Tim Burton also uses color in a very strategic way. For example, in Corpse Brides Burton uses black, white, and gray colors to create a very dull mood in the living world. In contrast, in the underworld he uses bright, happy colors that create a very exciting and happy mood. This will lead to conclude the underworld was obviously a happier place than the living world. Also, in Edward Scissor hands the people’s homes were all colorful and many different colors

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