Tile vs. Carpet Essay

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Dash Mr. Hunt Tile Flooring vs. Carpet Carpet has advantages over tile, such as, functioning much like a shock absorb-er. For example, as I was drafting this paper my children were playing a game on their X-Box 360. Suddenly I heard a crash. To no one’s surprise my toddler pushed the game console to the floor from bunk bed height. Had the flooring been tile, the X-Box 360 would have exploded into hundreds of pieces. However, the carpet acted as a cushion and the game console survived its premeditated annihilation. Even though the carpet prevented our X-Box 360’s untimely demise, tile is still a far better choice for flooring. Tile flooring has advantages over carpeting in the areas of appearance, durability, and sanitation and health concerns. Appearance is an important factor to be considered when choosing the flooring material for ones’ home. Tile comes in many colors, styles, and designs. Flooring tile allows the homeowner to choose a basic or complex design, whereas, carpeting normally comes in one solid color and it has no elaborate designs. Staining is another factor. Since carpet is an absorbent material, staining is a common and unappealing issue. In contrast, tile has a hard sealed surface which repels liquids, and therefore, will not stain. As you can see, tile gives the homeowner more options as to design and style choice, and is much less susceptible to staining. More importantly, is the factor of durability. One should take into consideration the carpet’s susceptibility to tread wear. People in the home usually use the same path from one place to the next which leaves a matted or depressed area in the carpet. Conversely, tile being a hard and durable surface, does not wear over time. Therefore, it leaves no trace of tread wear or matting. Additionally, the outer edges and the joints of the carpeting tend to fray and unfurl. Tile on the

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