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Tigers Jonathan Cornell COM/172 March 28th, 2012 Mrs. Valery Reed Tigers Tigers (Panthera tigris) largest of the cat family, found in many myths and enjoyed by many, are going extinct. Tigers are one of the world's best known big cats along with the lion. Found in South and East Asia they are extremely adjustable and can be located from Siberian taiga to open grasslands and tropical mangrove swamps; although their range and habitat is shrinking because of mankind. "Tigers tend to be solitary creatures, meeting with their own kind only for mating, They will, however "socialize" at a site with plentiful food supply and will share a kill without complaint" (Server, 1991, pg. 47). These cats are greatly known throughout the world due to their distinct coloration and stripes. The tiger is known throughout the world, as one of the most deadly and feared big cats. They range from a rusty-reddish to brown-rusty coats or even white in one breed, the Bengal Tiger. The back, belly and, face are more commonly found to be white. With gray to brown or black stripes (the best known color) which is unique to each animal, the unique markings can be used by researchers to identify individuals both in the wild and captivity, much in the same way that fingerprints are used to identify humans (Penn State, n.d.). These stripes are found to be on the skin also, so that even a shaved tiger will have its stripes. They range in size more so than any other of the big cats and can be as long as 11-feet and weigh up to six-hundred seventy pounds. Tigers are muscular with large heads, more so in the males than typically found with the other big cats. One item to note with tigers, is that they have white spots on the back of their ears called ocelli that help with communication (Schaller, 1967) . There are or were at one

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