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Tigers This article is about tigers a large cat and a good predator. The cat is the largest of all cats some are small but tigers are huge. Reaching his total length of 3.3 meters. And I think tigers are cool because their stripes help them to hide and to attack other animals. Another reason I like tigers is because they run really fast. They are two colors of tigers and one of them is white with black stripes. And the other one is orange with black stripes and a little bit of white on his legs they also have very stout teeth. In zoos tigers have lived there for 20 to 26 years. In a lot of places like Asia and Russia have lost a lot of tigers. For the past 100 years they have lost over 93%. That means we have to stop hunting tigers and animals. A lot of cat species have been extinct years ago because people hunt them or other animals like lions eat them. Tigers hunt deer’s and a lot of more animals. Today people represents tigers as a school mascot or a flag. Tigers came to India and Northern Asia in the late Pleistocene. And they weight up to 306 kg. The big cat for some users as a tiger. I discover tigers have a lot in common whit us humans. Because they take care of their babies and they run, drink, eat and learn to do other things. So we should take care of the tigers and don’t hunt tigers or any

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