Tiger Woods: Most Marketable Athlete

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Module 1 Session Long Project Wesley Viselli ETH301 Business Ethics TUI University April 27, 2011 Tiger Woods Pro Golfer Tiger Woods has been called “the World’s Most Marketable Athlete.” He has achieved this recognition through natural talent, the support of his family, and hours upon hours of practice. Since turning pro in 1996, He has won 97 times in various golf tours. In the PGA Tour alone, he was Rookie of the Year, has won seventy-one times, been PGA Player of the Year ten times, PGA Tour Player of the Year ten times, and PGA Tour Leading Money Winner nine times. He has capitalized on his success by signing several endorsement deals with over ten different companies that include Nike, Buick, Gatorade, and Electronic…show more content…
He did apologize and adultery in this Country is not a criminal offense. The people he hurt emotionally were his family members and not part of the companies that he endorsed so what reason would they have to dump him. What Tiger Woods did to the companies though was hurt their image and bring discredit upon the brands that he represented. I believe that they were well within their right to dismiss him and that it was the right thing to do for the greater good of the company. Tiger’s actions off of the golf course were scandalous and hurt every company that sponsored him. These companies are large corporations who employed thousands of people and have an obligation to their employees and investors to profit and grow. Dismissing Tiger Woods as an endorser served the greater good of the companies by protecting the image of the companies. Although some people in our society may want to emulate the new image of Tiger Woods, the vast majorities of people in the world looks down on, and are offended, by his conduct off of the golf course. By dismissing Tiger, the corporations took a moral stand that told the public that they would not accept and condone this type of behavior. If these companies were to bring Tiger back as an endorser, it could quite possibly be seen as an endorsement by the companies of Tiger Woods actions and that would negatively affect the…show more content…
Tiger Woods is hurt, although deservedly, economically by losing a lot of his endorsement income. He also lost the trust of his wife and is now pending a divorce and his golf game is suffering as well. Unfortunately it is the family of Tiger Woods who is really hurt. His wife and children have to bear the emotional hurt and shame of what he did for the rest of their lives. I don’t know if Tiger Woods could ever be able to rebuild his image to be the powerhouse endorser that he once

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