Tiger Sharks Essay

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| The Fish Files | Jessenia williams | | JWilliams3 | 4/24/2014 | The Tiger Shark is in the scientific class name chondrichthyes. There are many organisms in this class. Some of the organisms include sharks, Rays and skates. Animalia is the kingdom in which the tiger shark is in. Its phylum is Chordata. Its genus is Galeocerdo and the tiger sharks species is Requiem shark. Tiger sharks have broad heads and upper bodies, they are as massive as the great white shark. Their wait is between 850 to 1,400 pounds. They have tiger like patterns when they are younger for camouflage in the water which resemble the waves in the water but as they grow older these stripes disappear. These sharks can grow up to 7 meters long. Tiger sharks have five to seven gills on the side of their heads. Their dorsal fin are very close to their tail. (http://www.sharks-world.com/tiger_shark/) The tiger sharks digestive system isn’t that complex. The quelled, which is a tube its food passes through, takes the food into the stomach. As digestion starts the food goes into the intestines. The food that is absorbed by the intestines goes into the liver and nutrients get absorbed. Tiger sharks actually eat whatever they can find. This is where they get the nickname “waste basket of the sea”. (http://www.sharkinfo.ch/SI4_99e/gcuvier.html) They consume fish, turtles, dolphins and other sharks, they are man eaters. Tiger sharks eat about two to three percent of their own body weight per day to cover their energy requirements. These sharks have a very great sense of smell and sight. They have a limitless menu of diet items. Tiger sharks have sharp, greatly serrated teeth and extremely powerful jaws, this help them eat whatever they can find. These sharks are the top predators of the ocean ecosystem. Their prey would be overpopulated if the tiger shark was nonexistent. There are a

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