Tiger Moms and Homework Essay

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“I don’t care if you think he’s a nice guy, mom. I’m NOT going anywhere with him! Now can you please get off my case about this and get out of my life! But first can you please take me and Tammy to Clearwater because I need new shoes?” Rebellion is defined as the resistance to or defiance of any authority, control and/or tradition. Our reputation, as teenagers, for mood swings, vandalism, theft, arguments and substance abuse is apparently a completely natural and age-old act according to psychologists. In fact, it is so age-old that Socrates even commented on the youth’s rude and ill-mannered behaviour of the adolescents of his time. According to many parental self-help websites, disgruntled parents’ blogs, psychologists’ blogs and youth specialists’ webinars that I was lead to when I googled “teenage rebellion”, this behaviour is caused by hormonal changes and our emotional maturity that is unable to be managed by our under-developed prefrontal cortices. Teenagers’ abilities to test adults’ willpower and patience are exercised more often than not lately because of divorce, unstable families, peer pressure, increased homework load and new parenting styles such as “the helicopter” and “the tiger”. Teenage rebellion has not only worsened in the Western world, but it has spread to India, Ghana and South Africa to name a few. In India, where a group of young musicians formed a band called “Bitchslap” and play loud, raw music based on American rock bands. In Africa, children from Ghana have been influenced by British TV and have decided that respect is no longer necessary and the teen pregnancy statistics have risen gradually in South Africa because late night e-TV says sex is cool. Now that you know why teenagers are known for their vehement refusal to conform to society’s norm, I will leave you with these words: “Raising a teenager is about as easy as nailing

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