Tiger Biscuits Analysis in Singapore

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Table of Contents 1.0 Situation Analysis/Current Marketing Mix 2 1.1 Current Product 2 1.2 Current Pricing 3 1.3 Current Distribution 4 1.4 Current Promotion 5 2.0 Segmentation Theory 6 2.1 Define and Explain Segmentation 6 2.2 Three Benefits to Kraft Tiger From Using Market Segmentation 6 3.0 Target Market Identification 7 3.1 Geographic Segmentation 7 3.2 Demographic Segmentation 7 3.3 Psychographic Segmentation 8 3.4 Behavorial Segmentation 8 4.0 Discussion/ Rationale of the Target Market Images Chosen Table 9 5.0 Reference List 14 1.0 Situation Analysis/Current Marketing Mix 1.1 Current Product Providing that customer buy Kraft Tiger Energy Chocolate Biscuits (Kraft Tiger), they will get several benefits. Since this is an energy biscuit product, customer will get more energy, 9 vitamins and 6 minerals than consume another biscuit products just as vitamin B, vitamin E, iron, calcium and magnesium (What is Enermaxx? 2011) . Packaging is the design and activities of producing the cover or container of a goods (Kotler et al. 2008, 290). Kraft Tiger has several distinctive features of packaging and labelling. Kraft Tiger provide a train illustration which explains about vitamins and minerals which are contained in the biscuits. Moreover, Kraft Tiger also have a picture of its real square chocolate biscuit in the front side of its pack. Like other products, Kraft Tiger also have halal logo for muslims, nutrition information, and expiry date. Whether the consumer buy Kraft Tiger, they will get some extra services. In the back side of the pack there is information about company’s address. Thus the consumer can make their complaints to the company. Consumer goods is the goods individual consumerd purchase for personal or family use (Solomon, Marshall, and Stuart 2009, 17). According to that theory, this biscuit

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