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Section 1: Definition When it comes to the question that which book among course readings affects you most, I think the answer will be definitely the Influentials. After finishing the Hitting the Sweet Spot Exercise during the midterm, I keep thinking the value of the view of understanding consumers by understanding ourselves. As for the advertising, the concept of “hitting the sweet spot” seems like a process to translate the massage in a way of getting involved with your target audiences in order to send a message of “you take part in it”, gradually engendering the brand loyalty. Typically, almost every company set up an advertising campaign for their new products is going to keep loyal consumers still in there and appeal to someone new here. Our goal will be achieved if we find the sweet spot to hit. However, it is difficult to find it in every time for every product. So, I wonder what we should to do next when we have realized the importance of sweet spot and known twenty principles when we try to find it. Well, here is the approaches——the influentials. The crucial role that the influentials play is not only in the field of advertising but also in the study of IMC research. These two books putting together are trying to help the people in marketplace to hit the moving targets. And, the IMC research job is to fulfill this same need. The influentials and what they do, emerging as a new crucial element in the study of IMC, totally change my mind. Now I think about the IMC research, they are more than what we learn to integrate, to approach and to communicate. The thing is to know “why” first and then “how”. In the journal The Emergence of IMC: A Theoretical Perspective said if IMC meaning simply amounts to bundling promotional mix elements together to create the “one-voice” phenomenon, then it is not saying much that is new, relevant, or even interesting.

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