Ties That Bind Ties That Break

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Is Ailin an Effective Presentation of a Heroine? What comes to mind when you think of a hero? A hero is not always portrayed as wearing a cape or a spandex costume, in the novel ‘Ties That Bind, Ties That Break’ by Lensey Namioka that is proven. That main character is a true heroin (female hero); she has demonstrated many acts of earning this title. Ailin is a very strong representation of a heroine, she saw the need to break Chinese tradition that was carried on for many centuries, she did this for the for the moral and physical good, she supported and understood the revolution because it would bring change and she never gave up when things got tough. When Ailin broke tradition for the moral and physical good by not giving into society’s rules and regulations, she was then unable to preform the functions of an upper class Chinese woman. These women had small, delicate bound feet by having bones broken and fractured they were unable to do work and manual labor, because of this they stayed at home and rarely went out. Since Ailin forbid herself from getting this done she was free, to walk, run and play with the boys. In doing so she became more independent and stronger on her own. She didn’t need anyone to provide for her and she would certainly not spend her days isolated in the walls of her home. Ailin's father saw change in China, he knew things never going to be the same ever again. That is why he did not force Ailin to have her feet bound but after Father and Grandmother passed away Big Uncle gave her three choices; either become a concubine, a nun or a farmers wife. These options were available because the Feng family needed another woman to produce a boy, this is a disgraceful offer, but then again no respectful woman doesn’t have her feet bound. She was given the choice of a nun because a nun because in faith it doesn’t matter how big your feet are,

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