How To Tie A Shoe

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How to tie shoe Learning how to tie shoelace is an exciting experience, and teaching someone how to tie shoelace is more rousing. Mostly children learn it how to tie shoelace when they are five year old. But if you teaching or learning how to tie it correctly, here is steps where it shows how to tie shoe! First, cross the left lace end over the right end. The left lace end is now on the right side. Begin to wrap the right lace end around the front of the left lace to end up at the back of the gap between the laces. Feed the right lace end through the gap to appear at the front right hand side. Pull both ends tight to complete the knot. Then make both ends into loops by simply doubling them back onto themselves. People often refer to these as bunny Ears. Second, cross the two loops over each other so that the right loop ends up in front and the left loop ends up behind. The left loop is now the right loop. Then, begin to wrap the right loop around the left loop to end up in front. Start to feed the right loop into the hole that has just been made. This is really the same as if you were tying a regular shoelace knot, except that you are working with a loop instead of a loose end. Finally, with the right loop now through the hole, grab hold of both loops and start to pull the knot tight. Notice that the loose end of the right loop drops back down to the front left, making the finished
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