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INTRODUCTION The task given to us in this question falls in the category of UNSIGNED DOCUMENTS – THE “TICKET” CASES. According to my view, ticket cases are those cases in which you are legally bound in a contract even though you do not formally sign a contract in person. Such type of situation often arises at public places like car parks, public transport, etc. In this situation the dockets or the tickets in terms of public transport, are the proof of evidence that you are in a contract and legally liable for misconduct. The terms and conditions would have been mentioned on the docket itself. In this sort of scenario the offer is mentioned at large and it is to be taken for granted and accepted by whosoever person who uses the services of the service provider. For e.g. If an individual is going to use the public transport than it is mandatory for him or her to buy the ticket and accept the terms and conditions mentioned on the ticket. While I was browsing on the Internet for more knowledge on Ticket Cases I came across this statement -A signature is generally “irrefragable evidence of assent” to the document, whereby the dictionary meaning of irrefragable is “indisputable”. Now, What would happen if a document were not signed? There are many contracts in which there is a document for example a ticket or a sign displayed at large like on the wall which applies to everyone and contains contractual terms (usually including exclusion clauses) and where it is not appropriate or expected that there will be a signature. It is perhaps most difficult for a court to decide whether someone has agreed to those terms when the most obvious indicator of agreement – signature- is lacking. It is more complicated in case of signature cases. Such types of cases are called the “ticket” cases, meaning all those cases where there are written but unsigned terms, even though not

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