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Tic-Toc Essay

  • Submitted by: antiapessay
  • on January 5, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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I awake to the sound
Of bells, bells that
Sound so loud and pound
In my head. I stretch
As I feel the warmth
Of my sheets
Curling and embracing
All of me.

Oh what a lovely day,
Sunny bright blue,
My eyes squint
Of the light through the window
As I glaze outside.
I sit up
And feel the coldness
Of the floor
On my feet.
My body shivers,
As I look for my slippers.

The birds chirp,
And I know
I must hurry
Like a Tic-Toc in my head.
The clock is ticking.
In a hurry,
I brush my teeth,
Tasting the sweet mint;
As it slivers
Through my mouth…
Splash! Ah!
I think sweet cold,
Water on my face.

Again, Tic-Toc I think,
I gaze and think,
Of my day ahead.
I open my closet,
Pick my blouse and pants
Slip into the warmness,
Caressing my skin. Awh!
I am dressed,
I am almost done.
I put on my socks,
As I squeeze my feet
Into my sneakers.

Yes, it’s almost time.
I brush my hair,
It runs through,
Untangling all my knots,
What a relief.
A clip, I grab
To gather the softness
Of my hair
Perfect… almost done.

Oh I can’t forget,
The smell so sweet
Of flowers.
As I spray
Perfume on my skin,
Which enlightens.

Mom, I scream…
I love you…
Call u when I am there…
I hurry,
Get my book bag,
And hurry to the door.

The doors open.
Oh, what a lovely day;
I walk to school.
The clouds, the sun,
The smell of freshness,
Of a new dawn.

Hurry I think,
It’s almost time…
School awaits to begin.

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