Tibet And China Essay

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March 21, 2011 Buchanan J, Patrick. “The disuniting of America.” 8th. Boston, MA: Bedford/St, 2010. 467-472, Print. Patrick J. Buchanan, a nationally syndicated columnist, argues that the elements that united people as a nation are the same reasons today that pull them apart. He corroborates his claim by comparing the United States in the past and present. In Patrick’s view, race and ethic are the causes of the breaking of nations. The essence of Patrick’s argument is that diversity shaped United Stated as a nation and also divided with by trying to be equal. Patrick’s theory that it’s inevitable to accept and also adapt the existence of such issues like gender, race, language and beliefs in a multicultural and immigrant society is extremely useful because it sheds light on the difficult problem of a nation has been shaped by diversity. McBride, James. “The boy in the Mirror.” 8th. Boston, MA: Bedford/St, 2010. 409-420, Print. James McBride, author of The Color of Water, writer, composer and jazz saxophonist. McBride argues with himself that mixed heritage and different appearance caused confusion about who he is as a mixed-race person. Coming from a white Jewish mother and being half black, James was prejudged by classmates. Because he looked black, thought of himself as black. Moreover, James claims that he could not understand himself unless he discovered the mystery of his mother’s past. McBride’s theory that the mixed heritage prejudice because it sheds light on the difficulty of people prejudice is hard to eliminate historically and socially even though the whites and blacks are both human beings regardless of appearance. Morales Levins, Aurora. “Child of the Americas.” 8th. Boston, MA: Bedford/St, 511-512, Print. Aurora Levins Morales, a lecturer, social activist deeply concerned with issues affecting third world people and author of the collection

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