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Ismail Herrera Comic Essay This was my first time reading a monthly comic book, and I cannot say that it was the most pleasurable experience. I could attribute this to the fact that I simply did not enjoy the comic I chose, but overall I had mixed emotions towards the process and involvement of engaging in a monthly comic. The biggest issue I had was being thrown into the middle of a comic series and having to put in extra time to research the events prior to where I started off. This is something I had not experienced while reading ordinary novels, and as a result I had never felt this lost and confused before. The act of waiting an entire month to receive a new installment was off-putting to me. I consider myself to be very impatient, and as such I get anxious when I want to know how something turns out but am forced wait a while first. I also read the comics right when they were released, so when the next one came out I had forgotten what had happened in the previous installment and needed to reread it to get back up to speed. One aspect I did enjoy was the form in which I read the comics. I received them digitally and was able to install an app on my phone that allowed me to read them from there. On each page, the app zoomed in to each panel accordingly and I found this to be both interesting and entertaining. I felt that this modern form of display enhanced my reading experience and was even better than having the physical copies themselves. In the end, while reading a monthly comic was something new to me and a nice change to conventional reading, I likely would not do it again. I would much rather not have to go through the mental agony of waiting every month for a small comic just to discover how a certain situation turned out in the

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