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Taiwan&TIbet china's ancient territories or... The relationship between Tibet and China, despite the various ups and downs seen over the past several centuries, continues to remain fluid. The points of view of the Chinese and the Tibetans about the sovereignty of Tibet are diametrically opposite. The Chinese are firmly of the view that Tibet has been an indivisible part of China de jure since the Yuan dynasty seven centuries ago; they believe that all pro-independence movement in Tibet were and are encouraged and abetted by malicious Western imperialist powers who have always strived to weaken China's sovereignty. The Tibetan government in exile, led by the Dalai Lama who had fled Tibet after a failed uprising in 1959, is equally adamant that the current Chinese rule in Tibet is illegitimate and colonial, and it violates Tibet's historical status as an independent country." Taiwan: china does not dominate taiwan military, Republic of chaina ROC has functioned as independant actor , it has complte foreign policy of its own. The Taiwan-China relationships differs from that of other divided nations, like Korea and Germany. The modern history of Taiwan begins in the last decade of the 16th century when a Portuguese ship passed the island and the crew dubbed the island "Ilha Formosa" which translates into "beautiful island". The Dutch ended up with control over the island until 1662 when a Chinese pirate defeated them. Unfortunately, the Chinese did not wish to rule the island. For the next two hundred years, rule over Taiwan fluctuated between the Manchu empire of China and the indigenous people of Taiwan. Finally, in 1887, the Manchu authorities declared Taiwan a "province" of China. This was done to attempt to out maneuver Japan who was collecting territory in south Asia. Unfortunately, this did not work as Japan defeated China in the Sino-Japanes... While

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