The tiannenmen square massacre

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The Tiananmen Square Massacre In 1989, one of the world’s most shocking incidents occurred in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. The peaceful protest held by the students against the Chinese Communist Party was ended as Deng gave the order for open fire. As the tanks rolled in on them this marked the sad death for around 200 students. However we are unsure of the exact amount for the death toll as the Chinese government concealed it as much as possible. In this essay I will explain and describe the responses to the incident by China and the other nations of the world, why they reacted in their particular way and how their reaction may have changed over the last few years. Most of the world was unready for the incident that would happen on June the 4th 1989. As the incident struck, Gorbachev the leader of the Russian government was visiting at the time. As a result, when the massacre hit there was global coverage from the world’s media. This is the main reason why we know so much about the Massacre and why it happened. The Tiananmen Square Massacre occurred as the students wanted to use non violent methods to change China into a democratic society. It started with a few students uniting together as they realised they all shared the same ideas and political views. This was due to the fact that they had been educated abroad, which allowed them to experience the benefits of a democratic society. The students decided that this was the only acceptable way that China could exist therefore they decided they needed to change the way the government was run, as China was still a one party state and a minority of people possessed power over the people, and the people had no control over how China was run. However deng thought the opposite. He believed that Communism was the only system which would and had worked successfully for China. Even though the students were
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