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The nature is to produce bestselling, quality beer and to make beer that is affordable. The aim for Thwaites brewery is to make money Thwaites is a big local company and is now for selling Beer. Thwaites is a family business which has been passed down the family since in 1777 they have been now for the beer they also have house for people to book for parties which have not been very successful. Thwaites also has hotels all over UK. Daniel Thwaites was born in 1777. He started his business as a partnership with his to other people Edward Duckworth and William Clayton in 1807. Daniel then marred Edwards Duckworth daughter Betty. William Clayton sold his share to Daniel. In 1817 Daniel Thwaites II was born. He had twelve children altogether. Betty got her dads share after her dad died in 1822. Daniel Thwaites dies in 1843 which meant that his part of the business was passed on to his sons Daniel II, John and Tomas. Betty also died and Nee Duckworth in 1853. In 1858 Daniel II became the sole owner as his brother John retired. * Taste (Flavour) * Smell (Aroma) * Type of Head * ABV (Alcohol by Volume) Thwaites – Wainwright Ale (Bottled Beer) | Taste (Flavour) | Fruity and mild and bitter with a hint of caramel | Small (Aroma) | Aroma bready malty smell | Type of Head | Light medium head | ABV (Alcohol by Volume) | 4.1% | Colour | Brown/Orange pale straw | Aftertaste | No aftertaste | Customers ( Age and Gender) | Aimed at females and males | Uses | | Benefits | Ale is a health benefit as it can in reduce the risks stroke heart and vascular disease. 1 litre of beer will cover 10% of the proteins that are needed daily. | Thwaites – Lancaster Bomber (Cast Beer) | Taste (Flavour) | Malty slightly sweet with a bitter finish | Small (Aroma) | Aroma sweet malt | Type of Head | Very thick white bubble | ABV (Alcohol by

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