Thutmose III As A Pharaoh Essay

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Using evidence, assess Thutmose III reign as Pharaoh in New Kingdom Egypt. Thutmose III is arguably one of the most prominent and successful Pharaohs, he was the 6th Pharaoh of the XVIII Dynasty. He co-reigned with his mother Hatshepsut for 22 years, and when she passed away he immediately became Pharaoh. He was known as The Warrior Pharaoh because of his excellent leadership as a General and Warrior, this on top of his intellect side where he excelled in being an administrator and a statesman. When he took over the reign of Pharaoh he was immediately faced with the coalition of the princes of Kadesh and Megiddo who had already assembled a large army, this was the first test for Thutmose III. Along with his other titles he was also known as the Napoleon of Egypt, he was also well known for being a soldier and a scholar, where not only was he known for his leadership skills but also his scribal skills and his interest in botany and history. Although his leadership skills was well recognised in having a total of 17 military campaigns losing none, he did not only fulfil his duties to protect Egypt…show more content…
Although there is no clear fact on his motives, some say he removed it as a grudge against Hatshepsut for not letting him access the throne during the two decades he co-reigned with her although when she died she has left him a strong and stable throne which was passed on to him. Thutmose III was not also seen as very humble either, this is evident in the display of images of him on temples such as the Temple of Amun, depicting himself as a powerful and mighty figure; this was seen as him wanting to obtain full publicity for his

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