Thunderstorms Essay

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Many people tend to be scared of what they know nothing of especially thunderstorms. Thunderstorms have always caught human’s attention, with its power and with the sound it makes as it gets near. No wonder myths have been associated with thunderstorms. The best way to not fear thunderstorms and to be safe is to know the facts of all the myths related to thunderstorms. A thunderstorm is a storm with lightning and thunder. It’s produced by a cumulonimbus cloud, usually producing gusty winds, heavy rain and sometimes hail as weatherwizkids would say. What causes a thunderstorm to come about? Thunderstorms usually happened to due humid weather and unstable air. That’s why most of the thunder storms happened in Florida as wisegeek has researched. As wisegeek and weatherwizkids have research thunderstorms can cause hail, flash floods and even tornados. Occasionally with so much power comes fear and can lead myths to begin. Several myths are related to thunderstorms and its prevention. Such as; if you’re outside in thunderstorms, go under a tree to stay dry. Lighting never strikes the same place twice. A lightning victim is electrified; if you touch them you’ll be electrocuted. Jewelry can attract lightning. Due to these myths people tend not to go outside when there is a thunder storms. I feel people should try to confront they fear with knowledge. Is there any truth to any of these myths about thunderstorms? Let’s start out with lightning never sticks the same place twice. That is completely false as have research the empire state build get strike nearly twenty-five times a year .The reason being for its pointy metal structure which services has a great conductor. As sometime seen in cartoon when a character gets electrocuted by lighting and touches someone else and the other character also get electrocuted is also false information. The reason being is
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