Throughout Frankenstein, How Is His Character Presented and How Does He Develop?

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Throughout Frankenstein, how is his character presented and how does he develop? The novel Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelly originally in 1818 but over the generations and years has had many adaptations. Throughout the novel, we are shown different aspects of the creature’s life and how he acts and is seen by others. In the novel, the monster whilst being created by Frankenstein is not seen as a person who will develop a soul but only a body, to make his glory. He thusly, then has to learn for himself and when trying to show himself to man is banished by the aggressive nature. This presents him as innocent as he is unfairly labelled by man, just do to with his looks, giving him the idea that all mankind is like this. Despite these events, later on in the novel when he meets the De Lacey’s he is enlightened with a new prosperous hope into the kindness of mankind, not by mixing with them but learning and watching their actions towards each other, however due to his treatment he is to shy thus sticks to the dark and the shadows his only friends who do not judge. However throughout the early stages of the novel, and during this section, the creature can be seen as a monster and disgusting item from hell through his actions; however this can be related to several items, like the aggression of man and the monsters abandonment affecting his behaviour and how he learns. Firstly, when the creature is first created, and after Frankenstein in panic has fled to his room at the sight of the creature, we are presented with the idea of the creature being shy and weak needing help as when Frankenstein wakes up the creature is there at the foot of his bed. The creature’s actions present him as shy as like a baby, he extends his arm for help and comfort “he extended his arm, and attempt to grab me” the idea the creature tried “to grab me” makes him sound quite threatening

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