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THRIVE LEARNING FACILITATION Company Profile Thrive was established in January 2003 with the vision to assist in the up-skilling and improved employability of previously disadvantaged individuals, by utilising the opportunities presented in the Skills Development Act of 1998. We are a niche consultancy that helps companies make the most of the Skills Development and SAQA/NQF Acts. We make sense of Seta’s for companies! Services and Business Activities We have assisted more than 210 Training Providers with their accreditation and quality management issues and have to date completed more than 2300 ATR/WSP’s for 19 different Seta’s. We are proud to say that we have never made a grant claim to any Seta that was not paid out. Our services and business activities include:  Accreditation consulting,  Skills Development consulting,  Design and support of Assessment and Moderation strategies, and  Training facilitation.  Accreditation consulting - Policy and procedure writing and evaluation to ensure compliance with SAQA & Seta criteria; - Application compilation and submission to Seta; - Assessment practices, including: policies & procedures, tools, reports & records; - Moderation practices including: policies, procedures, tools, reports & records; - NQF-alignment and outcomes matching to registered and draft Unit Standards; - Learner database evaluation and advice on ETQA compliance; - Workshops and mentoring to ensure full training provider ownership of the accreditation status; - Extension of scope (adding unit standards to institutional accreditation).  Skills Development consulting - Consulting to ensure business sense exploitation of the benefits of the Skills Development Act; - Advice and assistance with Seta processes and requirements to ensure compliance and

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